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Our Assignments

Assignments are treated like homework.  Upcoming assignments are posted in the Member Database.

winnersWe’re all encouraged to go out and work at doing our best in challenging ourselves to get the best shot we can. Your images may be uploaded into the member database during a given time period and subsequently are then available for voting. The results are tallied and a slideshow is presented with all submissions and the winners being announced.
Only your own images are to be used, computer generated additions to an image are not acceptable. There is a wide range of expertise among our members, we all participate in the same categories and there is a need to keep the playing field (rules) equitable for everyone.

The submission photos can be placed into each of three categories:

  • Colour – Colour images are based on a single shot.  The image has little to moderate post-processing. Essentially, there is cropping, straightening for horizons or other lines, and moderate work for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, etc.
  • Black & White – Black and white images are based on a single shot. The image is best taken in colour and changed in editing software to black and white. Do whatever it takes to get the very best contrasts in the image. Black and white is all about good, crisp contrast. Spot colour in black and white images is not acceptable.
  • Digital Art – This is the category to test your skills or experiment with more aggressive post processing, HDR, photo stacking or the use of overlays that present visual elements of line, shape, colour, form, and texture, etc.

Whenever possible, the assignment topic is aligned with the speaker at the general meeting or some topics from the education meeting. Any queries about our assignments can be sent to assignments.opc@gmail.com


To see our prior assignments, click on this link or LookBack.


October Assignment – Juxtaposition
Oct 4 @ 12:00 am – Oct 29 @ 11:45 pm



dark vs light                                                            large vs small                                                     rock vs water


Here is a topic that some of you may never heard of but it can be fun and will make us think a little.
Topic: Juxtaposition
What is it?  Two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.  Ideas of this can be
Fat vs skinny –eg: a large tree vs a skinny one
Past and present -eg: an old building next to a new one ,
Old vs new –eg: a film camera vs a flash card.
Big vs small –eg: a child’s hand holding their parents
Dark vs light colors– eg: a dark puppy with some light ones
Nature vs manmade – eg” flowers or trees next to a home or apartment
Circle vs rectangle or angle – a carpet with a pattern
Black vs white – self explanatory
Water vs rocks – Qualicum falls

These are just some ideas but let your imagination go and have fun with this.
Remember you can enter one color, one black and white and one digitally enhanced.  Try not to use the same photo for all three categories