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Brant Festival Nature Exhibit
Mar 7 @ 12:00 pm – Mar 31 @ 12:00 pm

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Brandt Festival (also known as the Nature Festival) at the Bayside starting Saturday, March 7.

Contact Levonne for details about the silent auction and submissions.




North of LA – South of the Bay
Mar 9 @ 12:00 pm – Apr 10 @ 1:00 pm

debshowNorth of LA,  South of the Bay

by Debra Kuzbik

There’s an expanse of California coastline that stretches from Los Angeles to San Francisco that is wild, beautiful, rugged, and mostly untouched.  My family and I have enjoyed a number of winters there, exploring the beaches, the little art communities and the inland rolling hills of wine country.

The pace of life is slow and it is easy to imagine that you have stepped back in time to the 60’s.   The ice cream parlors, surf shops, Volkswagen mini-vans, woodies with surf boards on top and the ever-present music of The Beach Boys, The Ventures, The Mamas and The Papas, and the Surfaris can easily transport you to younger days.

Quirky, eccentric, unique and occasionally bizarre—the Californians who call the Central Coast home live in cautious harmony with a sometimes dangerous land.  Earthquakes, wildfires, drought, and the occasional hurricane occasionally wreck havoc on their idyllic, laid-back, beach lifestyle—but the siren call of the surf promises a perfect ride!

An Open Exhibit
Jul 1 @ 12:00 pm – Jul 31 @ 12:00 pm

arrowsmithThere is an open exhibit during the month of July, details to follow

Contact Levonne for details about the silent auction and submissions.


An Open Exhibit
Aug 4 @ 10:00 am – Aug 29 @ 4:00 pm

macThe Oceanside Photography Club has an open exhibit for the members.

Contact Levonne for more details.

A reception will he held on August 8th from 1:00 to 3:00

Please attend

Shared Vision
Aug 4 @ 10:00 am – Aug 29 @ 4:00 pm

sharedvisionShelley and Jack are sharing an exhibition at the MAC during August.

Shared Vision sums up the love we share for photography.  We go somewhere to take photos and discover that we see the same things in completely different ways.  We hope that this exhibition will show you some of the beauty we have found on our travels.

There is an opening reception on August 8th from 1:00 to 3:00

Living on the Edge: Vancouver Island’s Wild West Coast
Aug 31 @ 10:00 am – Sep 28 @ 5:00 pm

Living on the Edge: Vancouver Island’s Wild West Coast


Photography by Debra Kuzbik

Although we think of the west coast of Vancouver Island as foggy, rainy and grey (and it often is), there is a colourful world that reveals itself when the tide recedes.

I have decided to interpret the wild west coast through the colours of the sea creatures at low tide.  Purple, coral, green, ochre and blue creatures abound and share their world for a few hours, until the ocean returns to envelop them in mist, fog and a mono-chromatic world of grey.

star fish

Brant Exhibit at the MAC
Mar 5 @ 1:00 pm – Mar 28 @ 2:00 pm

jcshot11The McMillan Arts Centre is delighted to participate in the Brant Wildlife Festival by hosting an exhibition that includes our own John Critchley.

John’s show is all about local wildlife or wildlife that is accessible without traveling too far from home. The bear photos were taken in Bute Inlet which is within a day’s travel there and back from Campbell River. The bird photos are all from walking around the French Creek area and some as far away as Nanaimo River Estuary. Most involved multiple attempts/ visits to the area and some long hours waiting for the right shot to materialize.

John began playing with a camera fifty years ago but only really got serious about ten years ago. Since then he has been shooting at anything that moves and some things that don’t (landscape) but recently has started to focus more on wild life than any other genre. All of these exhibition photos have been taken within the last two years and all were taken on Vancouver Island except the bear shots. Some were taken in his back yard.

As with most amateur photographers, his desire is to take better pictures and in that regard the learning curve for technique and equipment is very steep. He still has a long way to go and many shots to track down, but despite the cost and the disappointment it remains a hobby that intrigues and excites him.

Please vist the opening on March 5 from 1:00 to 3:00



Call to Exhibit
Jun 1 @ 1:35 pm – Jun 30 @ 2:35 pm

oldschoolhouseWe have been invited to submit images for an upcoming exhibit at TOSH.
Theme: The Diverse World of Oceanside Photographers

Date of Show: October 30 to November 18, 2017
Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 1st at 2:00 p.m.


  • A minimum of 40 pieces, one (1) piece per member unless there are fewer than 40 participants, then will allow more than one (1) piece per member depending on how many spaces are left.
  • Maximum Size: up to 24” x 36” portrait or landscape
  • Minimum Size: up to 8” x 10” portrait or landscape
  • Black frames with white mats or canvas wrap.
  • Picture-hanging WIRE on back.
  • Previously unsubmitted work only.
  • All pieces must be for sale.
  • TOSH takes 40% commission.


  • MAY 1, 2017: A call for club member participation will be made.
  • JUNE 30, 2017: You will be asked for:
    • the “title” of your submission(s)
    • the selling price
    • a jpg image sized to 800 pixels on the long edge
    • one-paragraph biographic statement
  • Space permitting, you may be able to submit additional images.
Photo Salon 2017
Jun 26 @ 11:00 am – Jul 13 @ 4:00 pm

The Harbour City Photo Club has organized a multi club event at VIU. 

View Gallery is building 330. We have been told that we can park in lots H and G, normally reserved for employees.

Best entry to the hall is 5D off 5th st.


Photo Salon 2017 – Awards:


Honourable Mention:                 “Last Glimpse” by Jack Harynuk

Honourable Mention:                 “Tide’s out” by Rosemary Ratcliff

Honourable Mention:                 “Smoke Break” by Mike Woodworth


Third Place:                    “Volutes” by Jacqueline Bonneau

Second Place:                  “Farrier Visit” by Inge Riis McDonald

First Place:                      “Karen Woman” by Mike Woodworth


Judges Choice:

Cim:     “Rinzen” by Nicole Ta

Kelli:    “Indian Portrait” by Wayne Buhr

David:  “The Burning Violin” by Judy Hancock Holland



This is a very exciting opportunity for all club members, plan on attending


June 24th : Judging
June 25th : 1 – 5 pm
Show Opening
Open House
Award Ceremony

June 26th to July 13th (not on weekends)
Gallery show

Our Diversified World of Photography
Oct 30 @ 10:00 am – Nov 18 @ 5:00 pm

Our major exhibit of the year opens officially on November 1st with a reception at 2:00 pm. There are about 40 images on display from our members.

Ron Hadley, who is a regular with Tosh’s Sunday music, will be playing piano during the reception.

Encourage your friends and neighbours to come out and visit this very exciting exhibit for the club.