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October Assignment – Markets
Oct 1 – Oct 20 all-day

There are lots of markets at this time of year.  Find some good shots.  Rules for the assignment can be found on the assignment page.

November Assignment – A Song Title
Nov 1 – Nov 20 all-day

Got a favourite song and photo?…  Maybe one will get everyone’s attention.

December Assignment – Christmas
Dec 1 – Dec 20 all-day

Enjoy the holiday season but first find some great photos to shar.

January Assignment – Frost / Ice
Jan 1 @ 1:57 am – 2:57 am

Assignment is Frost

February Assignment – Macro or Close-up
Feb 1 – Feb 20 all-day

We’ve practiced at the Education meeting and now we just have to go out and find the perfect shot.  Don’t forget to follow the guidelines listed on the assignment page.

September Assignment Moving Water
Aug 24 @ 12:00 am – Sep 21 @ 12:00 am
April Field Trip
Apr 9 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Alberni Harbour Quay

Harbour Quay
Location: Port Alberni

The Alberni Harbour Quay features a colourful collection of waterfront shops, galleries, and eateries, and is also where you’ll find the clock tower, which grants panoramic views of the Alberni Inlet.    You will also find the boarding area for the MV Frances Barkley, a passenger and freight vessel that offers scenic journeys to Bamfield and Ucluelet on the west coast. Take a stroll to view the commercial fishing fleet, large shipping vessels and pleasure craft marinas. There’s also a children’s park for families to spend the afternoons.

Lunch:  Will be at the Starboard Grill on the quay at 12:00 noon

Note: There is a change to the start time for this Field Trip. It will start at 10:30 Sunday morning.

Send a maximum of 5 photos to, Members Data Base, Assignments, Field Trips. Keep in mind the club’s size limitation for each image.

April Assignment number 2
Apr 16 @ 12:00 am – Apr 30 @ 11:45 pm




Assignment number 2 – April 16-April 30 2020

Our second topic is How Close Can You Go????

Dust off your macro lens and have fun in and out of the house. You don’t have a macro lens – no problem just go as close as your camera will allow you to get. The ideas here a endless and it doesn’t just have to be flowers.

You can enter a photo for each of the categories – one black and white, one color and one digitally enhanced.

  Like field trips we will be doing assignments twice a month instead of one and there will be no voting at this time.  Please enter your photos on the website following the sizing and category specifications.  If you entered in the assignment #1 please send them to president.opc@gmail.com and I will make sure they are included in the slide show.  Let’s have some fun with this since we are asked to stay at home or keep social distancing.

July Assignment topic is METAL
Jul 1 @ 12:00 am – Jul 28 @ 11:45 pm


Description: It can be of shiny, rusty, new or old metal.  Let your imagination be your guide and you can be as creative as you like as long it is metal.  Try to use different photos in
each category.  There are three categories and you may place one photo in each category – color, black and white, and digitally enhanced.  This final category of digitally enhanced you can adjust with filters, styles or any changes you would like.  Photos must be taken May 1 – July 28  Please do not put your signature on your photos in this category

August Assignment – From a worms point of view
Aug 1 @ 12:00 am – Aug 28 @ 11:45 pm



This is your chance to get down and see the life from underneath all of those things we look down at on the ground. Take your photos from the ground up (looking up) to 31cm (12 inches ). This can be alot of fun and challenging all at once.

Remember you can post 3 photos – one color, one black and white and one digitally changed.  Photos must be taken in the last three months – June – August