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November Meeting
Nov 8 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Our speaker for November is Gordon Howe.  His presentation is “From Sea to Sky- A natural history journey from British Columbia to the high deserts of the American southwest.

Gordon is a prize-winning photographer who has lived all over British Columbia. He currently resides near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

He attended the School of Modern Photography and has worked professionally as a Portrait and Wedding Photographer. Throughout his life Gordon has always had a camera in hand but his love of photography was shared with a love of horticulture and landscape design. Both of these disciplines share a need for a comprehensive understanding of light, colour and composition. Training in both fields has served to complement each other.

We will be showing our Favourites from October, our field trip outing to the Raptor Centre and the Fall Colours assignment

Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee


December Meeting
Dec 6 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

santa1This month is our Christmas social evening. We are repeating last year’s approach and assisting the Food Bank. 

You know that we are trying to be more connected to the community and with that in mind we are asking that you, if you are able, bring a donation for the Food Bank.  The Food Bank prefers receiving money and they have excellent buyers.  Nick Bosma will have a collection box for cash and cheques.  Please make cheques to the Food Bank.



The club is providing coffee, tea and snacks.

We do not have a speaker and will have a short business review followed by slideshows of the field trip to the Bowser Antique Yard, the Emotion assignment. We will also show the Best of 2017 images that our members have sent in.


January Meeting – Slideshow Night
Jan 3 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

slideshownightSlideshow Night – The new year meeting is going to be quite exciting with slideshows from many of our members.  This past year our members have traveled and will be sharing their memories.  The last slideshow night was a huge success.

If you are planning to add a slideshow, please contact Jack Harynuk – technical.opc@gmail.com

You can send your slideshow in using wetransfer.com

To submit a slideshow, you pick the + sign to locate the file, fill in the fields and click Transfer.  It can take up to 10 minutes to send the show, depending on its size and your upload speed to the Internet.

Before the show gets going, we’ll get the club business out of the way, then see the results of the assignment, the field trip and our favourite shots from December.

There will be coffee and tea at $1 but bring your own popcorn!

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February Meeting
Feb 7 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker this month is photographer Rick Leche. 

Rick has been an active photographer since the inception of digital photography from digital point & shoots to DSLR’s to mirrorless to iPhones. He is an advanced Photoshop and other digital darkroom tools user to develop photos and to satisfy his keen interest in producing digital/photographic art.

His membership and active participation in camera clubs has afforded Rick the opportunity to observe and learn from both good and not so good judges what distinguishes quality photographic images. He is always ready and excited to be able to provide constructive and learning feedback to photographers.  Click on the image or this link to view a sample of his images

Items of Note:

  • A trained and qualified CAPA judge
  • Past President of the Langley Camera Club
  • A Member of the Comox Valley Photographic Society
  • This year the Chair of the CVPS Imagefest 2018
  • CAPA regional rep for Vancouver Island North including Powell River

We will be showing our Favourites from January, our field trip outing and the Every Day assignment

Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee



March Meeting
Mar 7 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker for March is Stan Novotny. Stan is a Vancouver Island-based photographer who is in love with nature and the peacefulness it brings. He has had a camera in his hands from a very young age questioning how it worked, but not really understanding the creative influence it would have on my future. Over time, his interests took him to attending workshops with some of North Americas best photographers and he has become a mentor to other photographers as he has learned and mastered his own techniques. Check Stan’s website at this location.

We will be showing our Favourites from February, our field trip outing to Cumberland and the Broken assignment.

Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee

April Meeting
Apr 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker for April is Lorna Zaback. Lorna picked up her first SLR camera as a teenager and immediately fell in love with taking pictures.  For Lorna, photography is not only about attempting to create beautiful and inspiring images, it is also a journey of discovery, of striving to find her artistic voice. 

While she will always appreciate and endeavour to capture the beauty of the world around her with her camera, her goal is to also use some of her photographic images as the foundation for creating works of art that are rich in colour, texture, and movement.

Be certain to visit Lorna’s website at this link.

We will be showing our Favourites from March, our field trip outing to Buckerfields and the Round assignment.

We encourage all members to consider taking a few hours each month and to contribute to the club’s management in the role of a director or a team player.


Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee

May Meeting – Annual General
May 2 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our Annual General Meeting night is on Wednesday May 3rd.

Elections for our new management team will be held at this meeting. Richard will offer his final message and we will hear from each of the management team. Our slideshows from the month of April will be run and then Richard will announce our photographer of the year and conduct the elections.

Remember that all positions are open, we are all volunteers on the board and we all welcome the opportunity for new members to join us and bring their new ideas.  Once the new team has been voted in,  announced and introduced we will have a social evening.

As a BC Society, we are required to review the rules under which we operate (check here). Take this opportunity to meet with the new group and discuss any changes that you think would offer improvements to any aspect of the club’s activities.

June Meeting
Jun 6 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker for June is member Wayne Buhr. Wayne is an award winning photographer who has traveled the world capturing amazong images.

As he says, “Photography is my passion and language of choice. It allows me to communicate a personal perspective of my life experiences. I have tried to capture the common denominators of humanity and the similarities in the lives of ordinary people. Street photography gives me that opportunity.

Click on the image or this link to visit his website


We will be showing our Favourites from May, our field trip outing and the Four or More in a Row assignment.

Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee

July Meeting
Jul 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker for July is Jurgen Schwerdt. Jurgen is a macro photographer from Nanaimo.  His topic is “Macro Maniac” and will be very informative for all enthusiasts in the club.

As he says, “Macro photography gives me the ability to photograph at home or away in virtually any light and weather condition. That is one of the reasons it has become my favourite pastime.


We will be showing our Favourites from June, our field trip outing and the Funny assignment.

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August Meeting
Aug 1 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Our speaker for August is former club member and President Randy Hall.  Randy will be talking to us about getting more out of your camera.


Randy is a Vancouver Island photographer, specializing in landscape and nature photography. A past member of the club, he started into a business venture about 5 years ago, taking part in local markets, craft and artisan shows and in 2016, joined TOSH as a resident artist.

Randy’s photography is described as “his interpretation of works of a true master… Mother Nature”. He firmly believes there are several tools involved in digital photography. Postprocessing software is one of those tools. Depending on the raw image and the desired output, its use could be a minor or major component. The camera is considered more important, in that it’s needed to capture the high quality raw material (image) you start with. Most important however, is the person behind the camera and in front of the computer, for imagination and skill.


We will be showing our Favourites from June, our field trip outing and the Lazy Hazy Days assignment.

Bring your loonie for a coffee.

loonie for coffee