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Education Night

Education Night

As your new Director of Education for the Oceanside Photography Club I am planning a new format for the Education meetings. While previous meetings addressed specific topics as well as some hands on exercises, I want to have a more formal approach with a view to helping you become more skilled as photographers as well as to become more aware of what constitutes “art” in photography.  This will take place in the first hour of the meeting.  The second hour will consist of hands on practice and general discussion as well as review of the previous month’s assignment.

I will be using a number of resources as guides but the principal book is called The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum  (ISBN number. 978-1-933952-68-0).  This book is heavy on the aspect of “Art” but lighter on the actual technical functioning of digital cameras.  We will address that as well.

I do not see myself as a teacher but rather a facilitator helping members find inspiration which will help them become better at what we all do – become more skilled photographers.

You will find a list of resources on the website notes version of each talk.
I look forward to our Education Meetings and hope to see you on the third Tuesday of the month except in July, August and December. 

Barb Hooper

For more information, our education director can be reached at education.opc@gmail.com