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Field Trips

The general idea of our field trips is to congregate in a chosen area with our cameras for a few hours and have a chance to discuss photography (or anything else!) with other members. This allows us to watch how others approach a shot, discuss gear and techniques, ask questions and generally get to know each other.  We generally meet at the venue at 10am and shoot until 12 then those who wish to do so gather at the chosen lunch venue. Any queries about our field trips can be sent to assignments.opc@gmail.com

The second purpose of the field trip is to contribute to the slide show at the next general meeting.  Each person attending can send in up to six images taken that day. These don’t necessarily have to be taken within the two hours – some people come earlier and some shoot in the afternoon as well. If you’re unable to attend the field trip you may also send pictures taken at that site a few days before or after. All image submissions are due by the following Sunday. The slide show allows us to enjoy each others efforts in a non-judgmental way.  Play with your images and try out some new post-processing techniques.

When you have your field trip photos ready, upload them through the member database.

To see where our previous field trips have taken us, click on this link or LookBack


October Field Trip
Oct 14 @ 10:15 am – 11:45 am




Fall has come to the Stamp River Falls.   Come and join with us as we watch the power of falls and maybe fish climbing up to spawn. Wonderful colors that will be in the area and just so much more to see and photograph.  If we are real lucky we may even get to see a black bear fishing

Lunch will be at the Clam Bucket – 4479 Victoria Quay, Port Alberni, at noon

I know many of you have been waiting for this event so bring an friend and I hope to see many of you there