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Club Executive

The management group of the club may be contacted through the email addresses below. We welcome all comments and queries.


President Lorene Kimura president.opc@gmail.com
Past President Kathy Desjardins pastpres.opc@gmail.com
Vice President Vacant vicepres.opc@gmail.com
Secretary John Mills secretary.opc@gmail.com
Treasurer Nick Bosma treasure.opc@gmail.com
Exhibits Gail Courtice vpexhibits.opc@gmail.com
Newsletter Rick Horte newsletter.opc@gmail.com
Education Barbara Hooper education.opc@gmail.com
Membership Vina Johnson membership.opc@gmail.com
Programs Carole Thornton programs.opc@gmail.com
Assignments / Fieldtrips Lorene Kimura assignments.opc@gmail.com
Social Gail Courtice social.opc@gmail.com
Equipment / Website John Kinos technical.opc@gmail.com