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Education Night

Education Night

As your new director for the 2018/19 session, I hope to be able to meet the needs of all of our membership from beginners to professionals. For this to be a successful learning experience, for all of us, I am asking for help from our membership.  As a relatively new photographer my knowledge is limited which means I can only direct and facilitate meetings.  We have some incredibly gifted professionals and amateurs in the club that I’m hoping will share their knowledge and talent. If you happen to specialize in any part of the photography process, from shooting a particular genre to software editing, and are willing to share your skills, it would be appreciated if you could contact me.

At the time of writing, we have already hosted 3 successful meetings where members got to play around with cameras in hand learning to shoot abstract: macro and using lighting techniques in a classroom setting.  They heard from three of our talented members on the subjects of panorama: abstract and Light Room editing as well as learning about “what makes a good picture”.   We had also decided, as a group, that at the beginning of each meeting we would critique a submitted picture by editing: discussion and suggestions on what can help to make it better.  We have garnered a lot of interest in forming a “Critiquing Photos” Special Interest Group and foresee them coming to fruition for the remaining 8 months.

A survey was distributed prior to summer at a couple of education meetings, as well as at one of our general membership meetings.  The findings from the survey are what our year, in education, is going to be focused on.  The rankings of genres are listed in order of popularity.  Landscapes: Editing: Macro: Long Exposure: Night: Black and White: Wild Life:  Panoramas: Lighting: Architecture: Street: Portraits: Fine Art: Stills along with others.  We are well on our way to covering these topics.

How we choose to present will depend on the help we are given.  I personally would like to see some smaller round table discussions and hands on with processing and/or shooting.  I would also like to be able to be outside, weather permitting, for Night and Long Exposure photography. Education/learning about photography comes from practicing and using our cameras.  The more we can get out (or stay in) and practice, the more we will be able to figure out our equipment: how to use light, and to see how we’ve improved.

I hope you are all looking forward to another year of learning.  Again, if you are adept and well versed in any of the genres our membership are interested in learning about, please step forward.

For more information, our education director on this page.