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Our Assignments

Assignments are treated like homework.  Upcoming assignments are posted in the Member Database.

winnersWe’re all encouraged to go out and work at doing our best in challenging ourselves to get the best shot we can. Your images may be uploaded into the member database during a given time period and subsequently are then available for voting. The results are tallied and a slideshow is presented with all submissions and the winners being announced.
Only your own images are to be used, computer generated additions to an image are not acceptable. There is a wide range of expertise among our members, we all participate in the same categories and there is a need to keep the playing field (rules) equitable for everyone.

The photo guidelines can be reviewed here

Whenever possible, the assignment topic is aligned with the speaker at the general meeting or some topics from the education meeting. Any queries can be directed to the assignment director on this page.


To see our prior assignments, click on this link or LookBack.