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Frieda Van der Ree – Dave Courtice Award Recipient


Looking back at the Oceanside Photography Society over the years a lot of things spring to mind.  There have been huge changes in membership, organizational behaviour and management style.  Something that has not changed though is the dedication of certain members of the Society who have been there almost since the beginning in 2008.   One such person is Frieda van der Ree.  She has worked in some capacity within the group from 2009 through 2018.  Her first term, shortly after she joined was as the Social Director moving on as the Club Secretary to Newsletter Director and finally Membership Director from 2015 to 2018.  Some of her duties required her to learn new computer programs which she took on and mastered as is her way.

Our Society is fostered and strengthened by the commitment, dedication, and service of members like Frieda and it is incumbent on us to recognize and celebrate that service. When issues have come up as to how a difficult situation might be resolved, Frieda has always been known as the gentle, quiet voice of wisdom and reason. Frieda has always been the one to step up when there is a need, the one to talk to a guest or a new member, the one with an idea for an article or a book.  She and her husband, Michael, handled the coffee service for years as well as the library.  This is what you call service above and beyond and for this we are all grateful.  With all of this is mind The Oceanside Photography Society, celebrates and thanks Frieda van der Ree for her contributions to the continued success of the group.